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About Us

We are a family run business with the aim of providing our customers with a comprehensive and affordable collection of high quality, natural health and beauty products. Inspired by our late grandmother, Martha Hill, who launched her own herbal based, cruelty free skin care products over 30 years ago, the Beauty Naturals Collection encompasses all aspects of natural beauty. The range is diverse and incorporates traditional formulations along with new organic, natural alternatives. We firmly believe in 'green issues' and actively support environmental and animal friendly charities.


We choose products that use the finest natural and organic ingredients available, such as essential oils, floral waters, tinctures, butters and natural waxes. We ensure that all the products comply with the animal friendly policy introduced by Martha Hill over thirty years ago. Where possible base ingredients are vegetable derived. Some products may include a preservative and chemical sunscreen. Not all products are 100% natural and unless otherwise stated we only list key herbal ingredients in our product guide. A full list is included with all products ordered and can also be found on our website. If you are sensitive to specific ingredients please ring before ordering; we are always happy to advise.

Vegetarians & Vegans

Apart from Glucosamine Gel, all products are suitable for vegetarians. Honey, Beeswax, Milk, Lactic Acid and Silk Protein are included in various face and body products and some colour cosmetics contain Lanolin derivatives. If you need more information please telephone for advice.

Cruelty Free

We do not test either the finished product or ingredients on animals. We also insist on assurances from our suppliers that they do not include slaughterhouse derived ingredients, test on animals or solicit third party tests.

The Environment

For over forty years our company has always strived to follow an environmentally friendly policy. We avoid unnecessary packaging and waste. We use paper from sustainable sources and actively employ energy saving practices. We also encourage our customers to follow a greener lifestyle wherever possible.


We firmly believe in recycling and avoiding unnecessary waste. Where possible we will recycle and re-use Martha Hill and Skin Revivals containers.

You can send your empty Martha Hill and Skin Revivals bottles and jars (not tubes) back to us, and we will credit you 25p per item. Simply send them to our postal address (postage required).

Friendly Service

We are committed to providing a first class and friendly service and we welcome and appreciate your comments and suggestions. We regard our customers as an integral part of the Beauty Naturals family.

Caring Collection

We hope you enjoy our collection. From natural skin care to alternative health - Beauty Naturals has something for everyone.

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